Retail liability insurance

As a retailer you will be at risk of a claim being made against you. You have customers entering your retail premises throughout the running of your daily activities. Whilst this is an essential part of your business, it also puts you at risk of a public liability claim being made against you. If a member of public slips, trips, falls or injures him or herself in anyway whilst in your business premises and it was your fault then they are entitled to make a claim against you. If in court you are found to be guilty of negligence and for not providing adequate care for your customers then financial implications will be enforced upon you. You will be expected to pay for all of the court costs for both yourself and the injured person, which includes expenses, solicitor's costs and the court fees themselves. In addition to this you may be expected to pay the injured person compensation that relates to the amount of damages awarded according to their injury.

By having public liability in place you will be safeguarding your finances, you will receive financial assistance as well as legal advice and help. This will prove to be an essential part of your business and can save you the costs of a claim being made.

Employers liability insurance is a legal requirement by law and if your retail business employs staff then you must be law have this place and an employer's liability certificate on display. Should you fail to do this you can expect to pay a fine of up to £1000 for not displaying your certificate as well as a fine of up to £2500 for not having the employers liability insurance itself. Therefore you must have an insurance package that fully covers you in the event of a member of staff injuring themselves or becoming ill through a work related issue.

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