Employer's liability

By law it is a legal requirement that businesses that have employees must have in place employers liability insurance. The Health and safety Executive (HSE) will ensure that all employers have this and if found to have no or inadequate liability insurance then you may be fined several thousand pounds per each day that it remains so. Therefore it is essential that you ensure that you have employers liability insurance and that it is adequate to provide the level of cover necessary. Your risk management systems may help reduce any risk however it cannot rule this out altogether therefore this cover will protect your business should this happen.

If your employee injures him or herself whilst at work or suffers any work related illnesses then they may make a claim against you. You are by law responsible for ensuring the health and safety of all of your employees

If your business has employees who are under a contract, if you deduct National Insurance and Tax form their wages and you have control of the work that they do then you are legally obliged to have employers liability insurance.

This protection will cover the costs of any damages claimed and any medical costs incurred which will be claimed back form the NHS provider who has given this treatment. It will also provide you with legal advice and financial assistance with the legal costs.

Therefore it is paramount that you have employers liability insurance and that you have this safeguard in place to protect you and your business should an employer make a claim against you. Your insurance will cover any employee that work for you in England, Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland.

At business liability insurance we are able to provide a search for the best employers liability insurer that suits all of your needs and that will cover the specific activities that are carried out by your employees during their work hours.